Book 2 of the  Hidden Sanctuary  series

Book 2 of the Hidden Sanctuary series


“We’re living a half-life... And it’s not enough.”

A reluctant leader, Jacob fights to remain loyal to the tribe’s doctrine.

But in an unpredictable city, how far should they go to bend the rules?

With their mentor gone, Jacob promises to care for the tribe – its members and its values. But as new threats dog the city backstreets, the men are open to flexing the doctrine to serve the fallout as well as to meet their own needs. Fearing he is losing control of the tribe entrusted to him, Jacob is pushed toward despair and the person he used to be.

In the city, Alex bears the scars of rebelling against their corporate-run government and cannot afford to step out of line again. Jobless, paranoid and alone, he considers leaving the city behind altogether. But then he meets Alice, a new reason to stay, even when in the weeks that follow she takes him closer to danger than ever before.

EXPOSED is the second book in the HIDDEN SANCTUARY urban dystopia series.


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