Detective Hoskins has made a fatal mistake. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Lawrence Hoskins has never worked a serial murder case before. This is his first. And it’s about to change everything he thinks he knows. The victims are young men with their wrists slashed and bodies left in plain sight. Their killer is meticulous, difficult to read and impossible to stop.

As the newest on the team, Lawrence’s role as lead detective is already tenuous. Desperate to prove himself to his peers and ex-sheriff father, he turns to former colleague Cass Fletcher for guidance. She knows how a compulsive murderer thinks and why they can’t stop. If she can tell him why, perhaps it will lead him to who.

But as the body count rises the case takes its toll in ways neither of them expect. More so when the signs start pointing in a new direction... right back at Lawrence. Now the bodies are more than just the consequence of one man’s compulsion, they’re a message.

 And it’s not just careers at stake. It’s everything.

 NEVER SEEN is the first book in the Hoskins & Fletcher crime series


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