Three dead and counting.

Wrists slashed, bodies cleaned...

A message? A warning? Or a cry for help?

Cass Fletcher has worked serial murder cases before. She knows how a compulsive killer thinks, what drives them, why they can’t stop, when they’re losing control and how they’ll get caught. It’s why Detective Lawrence Hoskins calls on her to ask for help. His latest case is high-profile, the Governor’s son one of the victims. And with a body count rising fast and leads going nowhere, he needs her profiling skills before his superiors hand the case to someone else and his career goes down the pan.

Except Cass is no longer working law enforcement. She quit the job eighteen months ago to live alone in a cabin in the woods, with only the creatures who live there and the faces from her past for company. Getting back in the game is the last thing on her mind. And no amount of charm from her ex-colleague is about to change that...

Until she sees the pictures of the victims. One in particular. A face and a name she knows all too well. And suddenly doing nothing is no longer an option. Even if it means breaking the law.

A Fletch and Hoss Serial Killer Thriller