Come over to the dark side

Welcome to the dare to delve deeper blog, where I indulge my fascination for all things different, difficult or unusual.

My interest in people who are, or who act, different to the accepted norms of society often leads me to the psychology behind what motivates them to behave a certain way or adopt a particular persona. I want to know why they act the way they do, what drives them, what or who influences them, what in their past has shaped them into the person they are, can they change and how can they, and do they even want to.

What makes one person comply with society and another resist it?

When does the child become the violent adult?

How far can one person influence another?

Why are certain individuals drawn to committing atrocious acts together?

How can some people have no capacity for empathy at all?

Then there are the dark places - the abandoned room that’s been left untouched as though its occupants left in a hurry; the alleyway in the city where only certain people go in the early hours of the morning; the dead quiet of the forest or the isolated cabin by the river; the rough estate or the town where the residents won’t go out after dark or leave their doors unlocked during the day.

These are the themes, the people and places, I explore in my stories as I delve into the depths of the human mind and its capacity to soar or self-destruct in a world of its own creating…